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Household Hints

“Household Hints,” the home taping of a woman’s final public access TV program in which she dispenses helpful household tips includes hints on home decor, handgun safety and how to avoid unsightly bloodstains when domestic violence erupts.

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TONI: I mean, that’s why we do things, isn’t it? Because we either believe somebody’s watching or because we hope that someday somebody’s going to notice and say, “Oh, my, that’s really wonderful, I wish I’d thought of that, nice going!”

TONI: As I see it, the history of homemaking has been filled with ignorance of its difficulty and indifference to its importance. Housewives -- are we literally the wives of our houses? I think NOT, though betrayal by architecture might be easier to stomach! Housewives have been abused, ignored, mocked and abandoned ever since the first husband said to his over-trusting wife: “What do mean dinner’s not ready?”...Oh, Bonnie, I know there’s a househusband exception to every rule, and it’s an old ax to grind, but damn it, it’s our ax! And a homemaker with a handgun can turn the dinner tables whenever she pleases...Dust to...DUSTED!

Looking ahead in 2012.

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Duling’s plays have been produced throughout the United States. Most recently, “Monstrosity” received staged readings at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles as part of the Inkubator reading series by the Katselas Theatre Company. Before that, “Monstrosity” also received a staged reading at Innovation Theatre Works in Bend, Oregon. The search for theatres interested in producing “Monstrosity” continues in earnest in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.